[WiX Tutorial 7]Buy a Domain Name and Configure DNS Records to Bind the Wix Website

In this tutorial we show how to buy a domain name from the others Domain Name Service Provider(Such as Namecheap, Godaddy…) and configure the DNS records into DNS Server to bind your Wix website.

If you don’t create the WiX account and log in with the WiX website builder editor mode, please refer the [WiX Tutorial 1]Create a free account and start to build a Website first.

First we may buy a domain name for the website

Let’s quickly view comparison list Domain Name Service Provider:

1. Wix Domain Name Registration:

How To Apply: Go “Management Page >> Domains & Mailboxes >> Domains” to Click “Add Domain” and then Click “Buy a new domain”

Pros: Quick start, without configuring any DNS settings

Cons: When you want to create more E-mail accounts, you only can purchase GSuite services from WiX. Because WiX does not provide MX mail DNS redirection service for others. It’s suitable for Small Business(Less than 5 E-mail accounts).

2. Namecheap Domain Name Registration:

How to apply: Click the link Namecheap to Buy a Domain Name

Pros: Cheap, DNS host in the United States, the current management of 5 million domain names, are free to set the DNS-related parameters. It’s suitable for multiple E-mail users.

Cons: You have to apply DNS A and CNAME records via yourself.


How to configure DNS settings(A Record and CNAME Records) from others Domain Name Service Provider?

*Note: The feature is only available for Premium Plan(Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce, VIP)

Step 1: Buy a domain name

Step 2: Log in to your “Wix Management” page first. Go “Management Page >> Domains & Mailboxes >> Domains” to Click “Add Domain” and then type your domain name in.

Step 3: Configure DNS settings into your DNS server

For example your website’s URL is yourdomain.com

  • For yourdomain.com, A record should be
  • For www.yourdomain.com, CNAME record should be www114.wixdns.net
  • For m.yourdomain.com, CNAME record should be www114.wixdns.net


***Provides customized Wix DNS service. If necessary, please send the request to wixtwn.com@hotmail.com. Thank you!***