[WiX Tutorial 3]SEO and Submit your Sitemap to Google Search Console

In this tutorial we will set the SEO(search engine optimization) up with Page URL, Page Description, Page Keyword and submit your Sitemap XML to Google Search Console.

If you don’t create the WiX account and log in with the WiX website builder editor mode, please refer the [WiX Tutorial 1]Create a free account and start to build a Website first.


Step 1: Run into Editor mode first, and then click top toolbar. Choose your Page and click the “SEO(Google)” option

  • What’s the page’s title…… on search engine?: Type the Page’s title which will be in the Google search result
  • What’s the page…… (Pages Description): Type the Page’s Description which will be in the Google search result
  • What’s……URL?: You can define the Page’s URL value
  • What are…….keywords?(optional): Type the Page’s Keyword, Google could collect the info


Step 2: Submit the Sitemap URL to Google Search Console, it means Google Search Engine will know how many pages is in your website. You can use Google Search Console to know more search keyword info

  • Go to Google Search Console page

  • Find the “Sitemap” option and add sitemap

  • If your website’s URL is https://www.aaa.com, sitemap XML in the Wix’URL will be https://www.aaa.com/sitemap.xml
  • In this case you may type “sitemap.xml” into field