DV OV EV SSL Certificates Comparison Guide

In this tutorial we will show what different between DV/OV/EV SSL Certificates is and which domain type(Single/Multiple/Wildcard) we should buy.

As of July 2018, Google Chrome will list all HTTP-only websites as insecure and will lower your website’s rankings. You will need to select SSL Certificate to upgrade your HTTP websites to HTTPS-enabled websites


SSL Certificate Validated Type

Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate: Prove Domain Ownership, Improve Google Search Ranks, For Small Websites or Small Business

Organizational Validated (OV) SSL Certificate: Prove Domain Ownership, Improve Google Search Rank, Validate Organizations, For Small and Medium Sized Companies

Extended Validated (EV) SSL Certificate: Prove Domain Ownership, Improve Google Search Rank, Verify Organization, Show as Legitimate Business, For Large Companies


SSL Certificate Domain Name Type

Single Domain SSL Certificate: Suitable for enterprises that only have a single website, such as a www.abc.com

Multiple Domains SSL certificate: Each multi-domain SSL certificate up to 99 site names and 3 different site name (Note different site name is an additional charge)

Such as mail.abc.com, www.abc.com, www.xyz.com, home.abc.com, www.xyz.net, www.abc.co.uk

Wildcard Domains SSL certificate: The name of a domain containing universal characters (*) can be recorded in the voucher for all websites in the sub-domain.

If you apply for a *.abc.com universal domain certificate, you can apply such aaa.abc.com, bbb.abc.com, ccc.abc.com ……

But can not apply to ccc.aaa.abc.com, qqq.bbb.abc.com


We recommend Namecheap SSL Certificate.

1. Let’s access Namecheap SSL Certificate Page

2. Follow the instructions above to select the SSL certificate you want to compare


3. We take a look at the part of the red circle, the price, the number of domains, SSL authentication type is you want to determine, we can see a single domain SSL certificate price of not more than $9 a year


4. Let’s take a look at the red circle. Warranty means that when your SSL certificate is compromised, the amount of money you want to accompany you is lost. Reissues part is also very important, that is re-visa costs, Namecheap in this part is free