How to Add Custom Google Analytics HTML Script(GA Tag) for WordPress Without Plugins

In the tutorial, we show how to add custom HTML script example(GA Tag) into WordPress without installing plugins. Google Analytics service offer free and enterprise analytics tools to measure website traffic.

Let’s go to configure it. It’s very easy, just few steps.

1. Create an account for Google Analytics and get the Google Analytics Tag(GA Tag) Script from Google Analytics

2. Log in WordPress with admin permission and find “Appearance >> Widgets” to add Widget “Custom HTML” for “Header”


3. Move to Header area to add Google Analytics Tag(GA Tag) HTML Script into Content area, then save it.


4. Finished, please wait for 1~24 hours, Google Analytics  will start to collect the data.

How to test it?

Just accessing the your website’s page. the real time data will be shown on Google Analytics’s page