16 Minutes Make a WordPress Website including WordPress Hosting and Beautiful TemplateMonster Themes(No coding)

In the tutorial we show how to select WordPress hosting, buy beautiful themes, upload the theme into WordPress. It’s easy to build a professional official website/blog within 16 minutes. Of course “No Coding”.

We have to solve two issues first, and it will go smoothly.

Issue 1 WordPress Hosting: Must have Cloudflare CDN services, WordPress hosting is placed in which country will affect the user browsing performance, therefore CDN services is important, so it’s good way to boost the speed and reduce resource usage of a website.

Issue 2 WordPress Themes: Directly buying beautiful themes, of course there are some set of theme that is free, but the free version always has a lot of restrictions, we still believe that the principle of a penny and goods, instead of slowly adjust the theme of the free set there, why don’t you buy a paid themes, time is money.

Let’s start the tutorial……

1. Buy a WordPress Hosting which supports One-click install WordPress and Cloudflare CDN service, please refer Unlimited Storage and Traffic, CloudFare CDN Service, High Performance WordPress Hosting for Blogger

2. Click TemplateMonster link to choose a your own theme, the TemplateMonster provides 1800+ professional WordPress themes/templates as you want. Let’s access TemplateMonster and go “CMS Templates >> WordPress Themes” to buy a theme for WordPress


3. If your WordPress website is for E-commerce (shopping cart), we recommend WordPress CMS + WordPress Plugin (WooCommerce) + WooCommerce Themes


4. Log in WordPress with admin permission and find “Appearance >> Themes” to upload the theme which you buy from TemplateMonster 


5. Finished, now you will get a beautiful WordPress website.